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As it's been a few months since I last added some notes, I thought I'd take some time out today to get this updated.

So, I hope you're all well and having a great summer. Those of us in Scotland will know that its not be the best on the weather front and we'll keep our hopes up that it improves shortly.



I have spent the last couple of months making some plans for things I can fit in over the remainder of the year and have some booked up already. The most important was a USA vacation. This year I'll be making it back over to the wonderful city of San Diego.


This has been in my top 3 since my first visit in October 2001. It was only for a couple of nights on that trip but I loved it so much that the following year, as part of my 12 week solo vacation, I stayed in various parts of the state for 4 weeks.


Also included in that trip will be my first experience of Hawaii: Oahu. I'm counting down the weeks and so looking forward to having some time in this beautiful place and enjoying all the views, beaches, events, hikes and maybe even a surf!


Charity Fundraising Event

As I have a real interest in taking part in charity fundraising events and it's been a while since the last, I thought I'd get registered for another. This years will be one that I have taken part in previously (April 2005) so I know what to expect.


It's the Forth Rail Bridge Abseil on Sunday 09 October, 2016. If you would like to sponsor me for this event, please visit my sponsorship page:





Another place that I am considering visiting in Iceland. There are so many reports on this country and the amazing views that can be experienced that this may be the time to tick this one of the list.

My only experience of this country has been a stop-off at Reykjavík airport in 2002, en-route to New York.


Well, that's some of the events planned for this year. Keep checking back for updates.


Best wishes,